Esmonde White House The Story of Aging

This scientific-lifestyle docuseries tells the story of how your body ages, and presents the most interesting new discoveries and evolutionary secrets that will change your views on aging. What if we told you that at the chronological age of 60 you could maintain the biological function of a 30-year-old? For the first-time ever, we explore the idea that aging can not only be slowed down, but reversed.





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Episode 1: The Science of Aging
Aging begins as a biological change in your cells, these changes lead to the long list of “symptoms of aging”. New research shows that this cellular process can be controlled, prevented, and even reversed, regardless of your age. We investigate this cellular transformation from the moment of conception all the way to old age.

Episode 2: Aging Backwards: Your Organs and Body Systems
Reversing and preventing aging begins by understanding that the full body is interconnected and must be treated as an integrated system. We take a deep look at how your muscle cells affect your organs, body systems, overall health and the aging process.

Episode 3: Connective Tissue: A Secret Anti-Aging Powerhouse
Some of the newest science is showing that your connective tissue, once thought of as a simple thick binding tissue, now appears to contain many cells and messaging systems vital to your health. This new area of research is vital to The Story of Aging and our understanding of age prevention.


Episode 4: The Aging Brain
We break fascinating new ground by making a link between activated muscle cells and a healthy brain. If anything is coming close to a treatment for maintaining a sharp mind as you age, it’s
the activation of your cells.

Episode 5: Exercise & The Weight Issue
We debunk the myth that weight gain is a natural part of aging. We open viewer’s eyes to the ease and simplicity of maintaining a healthy weight, full body mobility, and a healthy body throughout their entire lives.



USA/CANADA | Lynda Whyte | Producer |  •   Nicole Pas | Associate Producer |
EUROPE | Danielle de Wildt | Producer |